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NW Kansas Storms

Hobby, Bugeye have you guys got anything left up in your NW Kansas area?  There are some monster storms moving across that area.  Radio is reporting 80MPH winds with softball sized hail along with tornados.  Nasty nasty to say the very least.

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Re: NW Kansas Storms

Yep bad weather out there. Have nothing planted was going to start that Monday


Not now 


Don't have rain totals yet but bugeye had bad straight line winds with hail, had an inch in something like ten minutes on the start of it. Out of power at his place.


Bassett & co that posts once in a while and lives in rooks co had a tornado touch down a few hundred yards from his farmstead this evening at the very beginning of this storm. He should just be in the thick of this latest round of storms. 

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