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Re: NW Ohio soybeans are ugly



Here is a picture of some of those fringe acres out in Kansas ...this is not cherry picked.. this is of one of my quarters of corn. Planted at 14000 pop. less than 3 inches of moisture since Jan 1, 2013. These pictures were taken this morning...hows that for getting out and about?




Below is another of my farms out there, also corn.


Some farms (not mine ) have already been turned in for total loss claim in the area.  


photo (2).JPG


The whole western 1/3 of Kansas is like this or WORSE. (the 97% non irrigated part).


You really believe that your area can NOT ONLY raise your normal crop but ALSO

raise enough EXTRA to counter act the shortfall in the best, largest, most productive part of the corn/bean belt AND make up for the dryland crops in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, western South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas that are zeroing out?


All I can say is WOW, I'm going on a road trip to see that. Where is this magic area the size of Iowa that has this extra 3.5 billion bu. crop? (remember it is in addition up and beyond it's normal production)



BTW; Yesterday We flew over Greenland and the east coast was still ice covered bays and coastlines, Iceland was still covered with snow on the mountains. My farmer friend over there went out the first of June with his snow blower on his hay fields and blew all the snow drifts that were still up to 8 feet tall apart. Almost all the wheat over there is in the boot stage... it is the middle of July.


There is still Ice in the southern thumb of Hudsons Bay and snow drifts all the way to the ocean to the east of there. Did I mention it is the middle of July?



Russia just announced that they are 25% down on their wheat harvest and they have a history of saying they have a bigger crop than they really have.

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Re: NW Ohio soybeans are ugly

Hobbyfarmer, first off I want to say Im sorry about your corn crop in Kansas. Non irrigated crops in these regions are hit and miss, I am not telling you anything you don't already know. I travel the cornbelt from NW Ohio to Colorado and South Dakota nearly every year. I take I-80 from NE Indiana west until I reach Des Moines, take I-35 north up to the Albert Lee area, then go west into South Dakota and on into the Badlands and Black Hills, then drop down to Colorado and head east through Nebraska. My wife and I love the country out there! ..... Anyway, that's how I tour the cornbelt while vacationing most years. This year I cannot make it out west. About the farthest west I will make it this year is Decatur Illinois for the farm progress show. I appreciate the pictures and crop comments as long as they are honest. I figure I did enough belly aching the past two seasons on how my crop was burning up in the field, I figure its only the right thing to tell it like it is when things are looking good.


BTW; what do you figure the average US corn yield will be this year hobby. Im thinking 153 if we start getting decent rains again soon, and that's only if the late planted Iowa and southern Minnesota acres don't get frosted out.... That's a lot of IF'S. We may end up sub 150 if the rain don't show up soon.

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Re: NW Ohio soybeans are ugly

Hobby, I am starting to feel your pain. Is corn the only crop you plant in Kansas or are attempting some beans or milo? My corn that was hanging by a thread is starting to unravel. Crop adjuster looked at one patch today and gave the thumbs up to the haying crew. The crop is tall enough that he still needs me to leave a couple strips 4 rows wide, but I can chose their placement. I've got another 150 acres about 15 miles straight north of the released patch that I'm gonna wait until next weekend to make a decision. It was planted about 2 weeks later and still holds a sliver of hope if we get a couple inches of rain within the next week.
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