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Nebraska Crops

So far I'm unimpressed. We are driving along Hwy 80 from west to east. Currently, we are in Gothenburg. Lots of corn so far that was planted wet, or now has wet roots and is late and yellow. Most all the corn is 10 inches tall. I only have seen 1 bean field so far, and it was at first trifoliate.

Talking with the people at the local Cenex station, they say that most everything here got planted late because of the cold and wet conditions. Yet, the wheat also looks poor, uneven and mostly quite short. The Eastern Colorado crops along I76 looked better than here, but their crops were really short, some corn just 4 inches tall. I saw some fields that were not planted, but it's not field after field like we had in MN, WI, and ND last year. But, it's all once again behind. Going long on NG for the early winter may not be a bad play, as once again a lot of the Midwest could be dealing with a wet crop.

More later, planning to overnight in Omaha.

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