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New Crop Pricing

I  noticed  a  Nov. 22  bid  of  $6.03  corn -  ( +.45 )  in  Oklahoma  Panhandle , according  to  radio  info  -   -   -

Interesting  , current  bid  of  $6.61  -  -  -  

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BA Deere
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Re: New Crop Pricing

That`s 70¢ better than they are offering us for new crop.   Those around here would jump on $6 new crop like a 3 legged dog on a cat.  With all the crepe hangers running around, why is new crop good as it is?  I always ask that and Lucy always pulls the football away.




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Re: New Crop Pricing

Looking at weather, etc. I think I’d just put in a cheap or free floor to make sure that a very expensive but potentially very profitable crop doesn’t turn into a loser.

Like buy a well out of the money put and pay for it with selling two much lower.

That isn’t a walk away strategy but it will probably be a long time before you have to revisit it.

Especially in this crazy world where everything seems to somehow tie into insane national politics, this is the marketing board.

As they say, strategy trumps opinion (and crazy ideological hookah).

Theres a strategy for you.

I’d also buy a pretty serious level of insurance.

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