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Re: New Trading Hours

Wasn't the 24 hour deal just more business for CBOT and CMEgroup? That good ole fashioned 5 letter word.

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Re: New Trading Hours

i probably never will, but I promised myself to study the volume data to see if that actually happened, then got to wondering if the drought year might distort it.

I does appear that CME had a "world vision"


Will shorter hours save the open pit?-------------------------------------Smiley Indifferent

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Re: New Trading Hours



When I was in the corn pit many moons ago the only way to get a trade in was by telephone.   Those days are long gone.  I really do not think the pit could be saved.  I am sure some still pick up the telephone but see it more as an emergency trade when someone's computer is offline.  But the operator inputting the trade is using the computer to execute the trade.