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New Wheat disease

First I have heard of this.

Something to watch for future impact on wheat.

Europe being one of the large wheat growing areas a small outbreak could have noticeable impact.



An infection that struck wheat crops in Sicily last year is a new and unusually devastating strain of fungus, researchers say — and its spores may spread to infect this year’s harvests in Europe, the world’s largest wheat-producing region.

“We have to be careful of shouting wolf too loudly. But this could be the largest outbreak that we have had in Europe for many, many years,” says Chris Gilligan, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge, UK, who leads a team that has modelled the probable spread of the fungus’s spores.

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Re: New Wheat disease

If it is a fungal disease, then they should be alright, but if it is a bacterial strain, that resistance has to be bred into the plant, that could take a few years to develop resistance.   Also it has to develop over a wide enough area to effect yields.

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