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New crop to market ?

There was a meeting I was not able to attend,
But a friend told me the highlights. They
Are going have another meeting in a few

What is it?

Industrial Hemp

Now don't get all excited, this kind does
not give you a buzz.
The farm bill made it legal, but each
State must approve, some already have.
Don't know too much about it, but sounds
Like energy plant. Ready to go 8 to 12
Weeks, fiber for biomass and other uses
And the seeds can be processed, they
Can make 300gal biodiesel an acre while
They quoted 55 to 60 with soybeans.
Also the biodiesel, they claim, will
Not gel untilled 20 below.

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Re: New crop to market ?

Industrial Hemp has been produced before in farm country. Here is a list of towns in Minnesota that processed hemp in 1940 era.



It is interesting to look what other cities in different states did in the war effort.

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