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Nickel: Gisele`s honey do list


Well, soyoil drove beans to the dance but yesterday she really cut a rug with soymeal!  It was up 28 bucks at one point yesterday, it was a lifetime May contract high close up 7, currently overnight -$6.  Corn and beans u-g-l-y you ain`t got no alibi.  

WTI down 6, RBOB off 16¢

I don`t like talkin` about down markets, so let`s see hogs are strong, I`m getting some Topigs Norsvin gilts based off the June contract closing in on $120 ... it`s just money, right?  Mix up some $500 meal to feed `em.  

Wheat`s still got some mojo, FSA says I have a 2 acre wheat base, the only wheat I`ve ever grown was in succotash. 

Tom Brady coming out of retirement.  Guy on the radio said can you imagine what the guy who paid $518,000 for Brady`s last touchdown ball is thinking now?  Son of a gun!   But I suppose Tom got the upstairs  bathroom sink fixed and the gutters cleaned, so "let`s go back for one more year!".  😀

So long for now.


Driest spring I can remember in NCIA, here`s a area gravel road






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Re: Nickel: Gisele`s honey do list

Puts a new meaning to the word "deflated".

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Re: Nickel: Gisele`s honey do list

B A+  photo worth  a  thousand  words ,  of  those ,  never  mentioned in Sunday School ,  -  -  -

Red  Green  show,   WORD  GAME  Possum  Lodge  =  ''''' M O I S T U R E '''' ,   M O I S T U R E   -   fertilizer  gets  a  back  seat  -  -  -