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No Horseradish for You!

The very last type of shortage I would have guessed at:  horseradish

Hence, no MORE BK zesty sauce until next spring!!

...psssst:  Of course, they said it was that old fall-back "g l o b a l  w a r m i n g" except they're blaming that for snow.

...pssssssst:  if you think warmth can create snow, unplug your freezer, pull it up to your roaring fireplace, open the door, and watch what happens.

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Re: No Horseradish for You!

Not sure of the source there .....but anyone who thinks global warming kills horseradish production hasn't produced any.

My Mom used to shut the water off that stuff late season and turn it "white" fire.  Wow it went a long way.  Kroger still has it, I checked today.  So the world is still ok.  

these days you can find lots of goofy stuff in print.

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Re: No Horseradish for You!

If they can't recreate zesty sauce why would we think a recreated burger is good?

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Re: No Horseradish for You!

We only dug half our patch of horseradish this year.

Pretty good stuff too.  Sounds like a new cash crop?

All we have to do to start a new patch is throw the stems/tops on the ground.

Stuff is pretty hard to kill so we make sure to burn the tops after they dry out.

Should put it in jars and label/sell it as cold repellant.

"Claims have not been verified by the FDA"




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Re: No Horseradish for You!

I won't miss BK Zesty sauce at all because I don't eat there, but if no horseradish, I sure would miss St. Elmo Steak House cocktail sauce.  That stuff is so zesty, the first bite makes your eyes water.  Dang good!!  Smiley LOL


Recreated/lab-designed "foods":   Manufacturers already use "cellulose" (such as wood pulp) as fillers/fiber for processed foods (can't digest it -- they got a slew of excuses for why they add it). 

Can't imagine what they use in fake meat for fiber...disgusting.

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