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Re: No contracts for Ukrainian grain

I am just wondering what planet pritchh is from?
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Re: No contracts for Ukrainian grain

he is from the planet no spell check

Re: No contracts for Ukrainian grain

If you can make money making a sale do it. Wheat will resume the downbeat path here if this Russia thing clears up or when it does. You just can't predict it.

Having said that, I'd let it ride til we move lower
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Re: No contracts for Ukrainian grain

1. The new Ukrainian minister of agrarian policy mr. Shvaika is absolutely new to the industry. He never worked a day in agriculture before his appointment. So much of what he says must be accepted with necessary scepticism.

2. This year's contracts had been senttled long time ago. The planting season for maize is 1.5 months ahead. There only the rough assessments of the planting area.

3. There is only one big grain terminal in Crimea. It belongs to AVLITA company and has the annual throughput of about 4 mln metric tons (approx. 10 percent of total Ukrainian grain export capacity). Now it handles the remaining stocks. There are no new shipments of grain from outside Crimea (and unlikely there will be such in the foreseeable future).

4. There are big grain terminals on the costal Ukraine in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev), Kherson, Odessa, Illyichivsk.

5. The Russian initaial stratigic plans obviously included the occupation of the entire costal Ukraine from Donetsk to Romania. The presence of the Russian battleships of the Baltic and Northsea fleets had to provide the necessary support for the invasion from the sea. These plans failed. There was another option - just to block the Ukrainian ports to prevent trade (import/export). The presence of the USS destoyer Truxtun in the Black sea near the area of conflict together with the naval forces of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey makes the blocade impossible. So after the initial tension and instability everything will calm down.

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Re: No contracts for Ukrainian grain

once again ------- we appreciate your thoughts.

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