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Re: No one saw this coming

Wrong answer

Some saw it coming and were poo pooed
Pioneer has pulled back in many areas by dropping thousands of acres of seed production
On the flip side only one seed dude has contacted me. Must be a black star out by the mail box?
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BA Deere
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Re: No one saw this coming

What David Kruse is saying is Monsanto and DuPont is selling the fancy seed 1/3 or 50% cheaper in Brazil.  Apparently the seed companies are giving our competitors sweeheart deals to make danged sure those acres get get into the high priced dollar/Real exchange rate it`s a 'poping tags" sale.


Us Iowegians hadn`t heard much about "Becks"  yet they are cutting seed prices big time.  Marks soybean seed going broke.  A guy that prepaid might pay for high priced seed and lose your payment if they go broke.

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too close for comfort
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Re: No one saw this coming

It is really hard to show sarcasim in print. Smiley Wink

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Re: No one saw this coming

Too close,  your doing fine at it.  


Thanks for the entry


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Re: No one saw this coming

Talked to some people yesterday. I guess
pioneer has a dealer area, you MUST buy
From them, even if jerks and provide little
If any support.
If you want to buy from another dealer, you
Must get a signed release from "your"
And alot of the dealers will not sign to
Let you purchase somewhere else.

Pioneer has lost it. Haven't they learned
That "the customer is right", but
They have taken the attitude "we're so
Good you must do it our way"

True case in point. Side by side dealers.
Dealer a builds "pioneer plant" at a place
He does not live, nor any of his operation,
He is never there, call and always voice
Mail, returns calls 2 or 3 days later, and
Rude. Never has meetings, never calls
Dsm or agron when a problem, and will
Not sign a release to go to another dealer.
"If you want pioneer you MUST buy from me.

Dealer b...seed plant at house, and says
"We're always open". Either the wife, older
Kids or hired hand can get seed for you.
have several meetings per year, where he
Feeds you. Has company agronomy put on
a program.
He checks customers during growing season
If everything ok.
If you have a problem, call, he is more than
Happy to call agronomy or dsm.
Usually call in 2-3 hours or less.
and if your not happy and want a release
He will not bat an eye and sign it, and say
he is sorry for offending you.

Now, which man do you want to do
Business with?

Seems pioneer has some lessons to learn.
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