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north ia farmer
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North IA update

It looks as if the drought is over for the time being.We have had close to a inch of rain and 6-8 inches of snow in the last 10 days with more coming tonight.Has to make a person feel better that we are maybe in a different weather pattern than last year at this time.I'm still holding a few bu of corn and soybean for that $10 and $20 that all you guys keep talking about.I have also got a good % of my 2013 and 2014 crop sold again.We have got most of the equipment ready to go as soon as the ground is ready.  

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Re: North IA update

Why would you turn down 5$ a bushel when that's probably your 3 year average. Is that a break-even for you again this year north ia farmer since I heard north ia land rents are around 500$ Ps I bet we hear from this character again in may that he is going to raise that big bin
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Re: North IA update/North Iowa Farmer

Can I ask what county or counties in Iowa that you own farmland and farm in? I too am a North-Central Iowa farmland owner. My tiles quit running back in June/2012 and have not run any water since. This has been the first year that I have never seen the tiles not run after the harvest. Even in the 1988 drought, they ran in the Fall/1988 time period. Also, have you had any recent farm sales in your part of Iowa and can I ask for the CSR Point/Dollar Ratio of the selling price? Thanks.

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Re: North IA update/North Iowa Farmer

Rsw, the only tile running would be from a field pond into a intake.  Heres a chunk of ground that brought 11 something the other day  A guy that sold his seed business to Monsanto was the lucky winner.  Scuttlebutt on the streets was "don`t bother showing up unless you figure on spending 12 1/2" ...Who knows, all it maybe would`ve took is one more bidder.

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