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North Iowa Humor

When I saw BA Deere reported he had been to a prevent plant meeting in Manly, Iowa, it brought to mind one of north Iowa's best stories. (the towns of Manly and Fertile are just a few miles apart.) Back in the 50's The Forest City Summit newspaper ran the following headline for a marriage announcement: "Manly Man marries Fertile Woman." That said it all!


A bonus story: My grandfather went to a rural one room school house in the early 1900's. One day, the boys at the school decided they wanted to play baseball all day so the tied up the teacher and went out and played ball. The best part of the story is she came back to school the next day.

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BA Deere
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Re: North Iowa Humor

You are definately from NIa Orthel, that is a true story :)then of course comes the jokes of "is she open and guaranteed to settle".

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