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Northern Mexico Brewing

Spot  on  business  stating  the  beer  business  in  Northern  Mexico  is  having  brewing  issues  due  to  lack  of  water  resources 😓

The  city  of  Monterrey  being  the  center  of  the  calamity , SO  get  your  Modelo  &  Heinken ,  A S A P  - Maybe ? 

B  Y  O  B  ,  now  being ,  B  Y  O  H2O  - ?????????  

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BA Deere
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Re: Northern Mexico Brewing

I`ve been blessed with taste buds that don`t agree with alcohol, they`ve always said "don`t drink the water in Mexico".  A lot of businesses are going to be forced to relocate, the way it sounds.  I take it that it takes a lot more water than 12 ounces to make a can of beer?