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Not one pivot

was running yesterday in our trip through Nebraska.


From Alma north to I80 then east to Omaha Saw every pivot shut down and in many places water and or mud between the rows and my uneducated guess is that Nebraska could move up to #2 in production this year in the corn dept.

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Re: Not one pivot

Much of the state had good rains last week.


As of now, most of the state has no subsoil moisture.


Good rains in July and august are not normal to depend on. If we get good rain then we can assist with irrigation. If it is dry, we will be suffer this year.


I  will repeat, most in the state are very short with subsoil but plantings have good potential.



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Re: Not one pivot running

it's sure nice to get a year when the pivots sit alot.


nother big wet is camping over nodak this week, nebraska could get some more rain out of it.


the farther west the rain reaches the better. 

an eastern colorado, west ks, wyoming flood would be nice too.

Re: Not one pivot

Not near the acres out here but pivots have been running in the Nebraska panhandle for a while already.  We're in better shape than last year but still have a long way to go. 

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