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'Not widespread but heavy' rains

That's the verdict of the last day's rainfall -- sounds like central Illinois, NE Missouri and SE Iowa caught the brunt of it. But, it's expected to be a little more widespread through the rest of this week. Here's an excerpt from a report from Commodity Weather Group this morning:


"Widespread rains will occur in the Midwest this week, favoring the east on Wednesday and Saturdayand the west through tomorrow and again Friday. However, only the northwestern Midwest stays in a persistentlywet pattern over much of the next 2 weeks. Parts of ND and IN will need to be watched for excess rainin recently seeded fields, but the pattern will otherwise remain favorable for early growth. Temperatures do warminto the 90s for 2 to 3 days early next week for much of the Midwest but will again be short-lived."


Sounds like the southern Delta looks to be a growing area for concern (on top of the driest spots in the Plains, of course), at least for the corn crop. What do you think? Sound about right? 

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