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Re: : Yeah sure, "Let the market decide",

289---was it intended towards declining , rural towns of 1500 population - ? ?

Maybe not at the time but it has been retuned to that exact purpose, and the disdain for rural America and its independent spirit is very political and the transfer of us needy to an urban setting for "assistance" is strong and real. After all at a certain age that is where your doctor is, and your children, and the safety of "climate controls"....... its a long list of issues.

BA, accept the reality ---- federal government is bloated fat and can print its wealth without regard for economics. It is well on its way to destroying the authority of the states (especially the ones that act independently). The federal "fat *****" is firmly placed on every set of scales regulating all activity happening in the US and in most countries of the world. This is the real reason for Americans are disliked around the world....... not just cheating, pot smoking, athletes and ignorant entertainers...... it all starts in DC where the money printing feeds wealthy political parties.

The idea that we can prevent that flew out the window decades ago. We are living in a shrinking community of rural independence that will eventually be wiped up with a paper towel.

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Re: : Yeah sure, "Let the market decide",

U N L - elected had a HUUUGE problem knocking out Obama Care - when '' their '' own health care benefit was put on DISPLAY - maybe ? Good for the goose , while the flock , NOT SO MUCH =

SW - Maybe the headlines of the B T O '$ , example - Columbia River - Washington State - easter-daze , something or other , has a reality - chilling reflection , of How Great Thou Are - or AREN't = 1 BAD APPLE can be a reflection headline$, causing many of next generations of rural youth , to say NO THANKS to those job opportunities = MAYBE

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