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Now, that's awkward..

Trump at a rally, describing his fundraising prowess, offered this "hypothetical" scenario, I can call the CEO of Exxon and ask for $25 million, Trump says, "would like a couple of permits", to which they will respond, “Absolutely sir, why didn’t you ask? Would you like some more?’”

Which automatically brings to mind all those " illegal waivers" from not so long ago.  I guess it's not so "hypothetical" after all.

  The problem with us corn farmers and ethanol producers is, we just don't how to respond to such blatant corruption.

  Trump's problem is that he's not embarrassed at all by the idea of such corruption and he doesn't care that he isn't.  

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Re: Now, that's awkward..

Yes, that's awkward. But, if you listen to what politicians say, you'll tie your brain in knots. Joe has said a lot of awkward things too, and if you can't see that, then you ain't a farmer, you lying dog-faced pony soldier! I look at what politicians do (or fail to do). Yes, Trump is a loose cannon. But, when I look at the CME and CBOT and am selling beans and corn for more than I have in several years, I think maybe that China deal is going to work out after all. I like USMCA and how much corn Mexico is buying (even if they aren't technically paying for the wall). I like NOT hearing about North Korea flying missiles over Japan. I like normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states, and not sending our boys over there to fight useless wars anymore. Yes, I wish Trump was stronger on renewable energy, but he did get us to 15% ethanol. I've started running E30 in my pickup and my wife's car - about 15 months now and no problems. Perdue and POET are talking about an eventual growth to 30% being officially OK for all post-2001 vehicles. 

I am FAR more concerned about the long term effects of $27 TRILLION in debt (and counting) and continuing lockdowns over what is basically a cold if you're under 80.  Here in South Dakota, people over 80 (let's face it - they're almost dead already) account for 4% of the cases and 54% of the deaths from Covid. So let's work hard to protect seniors, and the rest of us get back to work! (FYI, I'm 59 and my parents and my wife's parents are in their 80's, so it's not like I don't have skin in the game).

Mike H
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Re: Now, that's awkward..

Agree--- With commodity prices going up like they are .....     Better just put taxes on farm commodity inputs and outputs to repay the $85 Billion +  the general public tax payers were forced to pay over the last 3+ years to the CCC.   That would cover about 27% of the  ost the public paid for (and are still paying)  for the Trump Tarriffs.  


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Re: Now, that's awkward..

I agree with Rick...It would be nice to have a leader in the US

that wasn't among the top 5 corrupt dictators in on the planet.





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Re: Now, that's awkward..

ugly political propaganda— “im a democrat America hater & I approve this thread” — I believe in nothing and openly support corruption, because the only way to improve your life is make your neighbor pay the bill.

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