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Re: Observations from a cynical speculator...

JRW- nothing personal but honestly, you went long instead of short so the mkt is manipulated?



I think that says you can't admit you were wrong.


Corn is sky high, one day teh bull tops, for now looks like that happened.

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Re: Observations from a cynical speculator...PRITCHH

Hi there, Pritchh - You are a tad bit late to reply to this old post, but I do appreciate that you read it...I went long on Thursday, April 28th at the open. The index funds are without any doubt a manipulating, rigged market force that has completely ruined, devastated and broken the small trader / speculator's ability to survive in the business. So, I reaffirm & stand by my original comment. In any case, the following morning, I sold the original position for a profit. Once again, a reversal and market manipulation by the funds, but it allowed me to get out with a small profit, so I ain't complainin...I was NOT wrong on my original trade, I was simply early. And so it goes...have a nice weekend! --- May 6th, JRW

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