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Senior Contributor

October Surprise ???


Bond Yields rising

Now over Three and a Quarter,

The Fed keeps tightening

Are they gonna cause a slaughter,

Oil prices relentless

Is a hundred dollars in sight,

November elections coming

Will the dems win the fight

Hard to say right now

But here's what I surmise

It may not be long 

Before another October Surprise !


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Re: October Surprise ???



Check out Forum - it is a George Soros Conspiracy.


Good People can't be wrong.


But yeah, a couple closes under 118 in the 10 yr and we're on our way to a 4% yield.


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Senior Contributor

Re: October Surprise ???

My bet is that stocks head south long before 10's get to 4%. But it could happen. I remember August of 1987, and then October...

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