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October is late this year

Corn, beans, oil, diesel, oil company, oil services companies all in the RED looks like they all stepped through a trap door.


Glad I planted mostly wheat out west it is green.


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Re: October is late this year

Are you referring to the yearly trend as far as being in the red?

As far as the planted acres are concerned, I was a market chaser for two years and learned a few things.

It doesn't madder what seed you put in the ground if it doesn't rain nothing will grow.

There is a reason we plant milo in my area and not corn. Milo was above APH and corn was mostly destroyed
are sacrificed for livestock feed. And now milo is trading at a 27 cent advantage to corn locally.

Idle acres are not a liability, they are an asset. It just takes an extra year to reep the rewards. Generally
speaking of course.

Listen to the veteran producers around you, they have "Been there & Done that". Their knowledge is a
true blessing to a young producer if they are willing to share it and we aren't to stubborn to apply it.

Diversification isn't an option, it is a necessity if we plan to stay profitable for the long haul. The grass might be
greener on the other side of the fence today, but eventually we will need to cross back over with the potential to
lose everything that was thought to have been gained.
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Re: October is late this year



Just looking at the futures market and the stock market


Bad day

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