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Re: Of banking squids and spineless gov.

Wow JR.  Great article, probably the best I've read regarding the current financial mess and why we may have to relive the grear depression of the 30's before these banksters are brought under control again. No doubt that these giant banksters are today's robber barron's.


I have spent a lot of time trying to understand what led to the crash in 2008 and why our economy is struggling so badly today and all trails eventually seem to lead back to Graham - Rudman and the deregulation of the banksters.


Also confirms what I have long believed about Phil Graham being a shill for these big banksters. Pretty much can assume that if Phil Graham is pushing it, it must be a way for the ultra wealthy to steal from the rest of us.

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Re: Of banking squids and spineless gov.

I'm hard pressed to figure how to say Vampire Squid in a kinder way.

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Re: Of banking squids and spineless gov.

Wow! I check in occasionally while on vacation and find I'm getting skewered and am not able to defend myself! Smiley Wink

Yes, the financial system will always win now because their patrons in Congress do well when the financial district rewards them for complying. I mean, as a citizen try to have any meaningful exchange with.them unless you are.a.rep of a likely bloc over voters that could conceivably find a reason to revolt.

If the banks have it rigged so they win the farmers are now set up so they can't lose, coddled as the red state mascots with the most complete social safety net in our history. Guaranteed revenue through subsidized insurance. Can't miss solution. You go broke now and it is the stupid test fail.

I was part of a conversation listening to farmers bitter that food strap recipients could sell purchased food for a quarter on the $ and make 10 or 20 bucks to feed their habit while at the SAME TIME comparing notes on how to collect 100,000 insurance without triggering a gov audit. So how much does it matter to us anymore if the banks figure out a fool proof angle to take advantage of commodities? Like the Good old boys in the CFTC care? (That's a joke, right?). That's what the system is for.

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