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Off Target Dicamba

Article on SF today - 

What do y'all think of dicamba/Extend beans???

Personally, I hate dicamba. Even if you are responsible to spray when conditions will keep down the drift, there's no way to control the volatility. The article says to plant a shelter belt if your neighbor sprays extend - what BS. I can show you two or three dead or severely damaged shelter belts around here from dicamba volatility. Some say it's the only thing against waterhemp, but I've been planting E3 beans for 3 years now and both Liberty and EnlistOne take out waterhemp very nicely, and neither one have volatility issues. I have (politely) told my neighbors that they can plant Extend beans if they want but if they spray dicamba and I have any damage, I'll be coming over with my yield maps and an invoice for the lost yield. I wish they would ban dicamba.

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BA Deere
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Re: Off Target Dicamba

2 yrs ago I got hit bad, IDALs investigated and said "slight damage", Bayer rep actually thought it was a little worse than IDALs did.  The so-called Bayer class action suit was a waste of time, didn`t get a nickel out of it.  Last year I raised Xtend beans and hired the elevator to spray, because I didn`t want to be responsible for anyone going through what I did.  Dicamba only made my waterhemp, I`m convinced the only thing dicamba is good at is robbing yield from Enlist beans.  One thing they don`t tell you about dicamba injury is it slows your canopy and you get a flush of weeds, on top of that, you`re afraid to spray a second time your already damaged beans in a timely manner.

Iowa has a dicamba cutoff date of June 20 this year which really helped (especially since everyone`s beans were too small this year at that time 😂)   Minnesota has a June 10 cutoff which makes it worthless 😂    I say make it June 5th!   This year I have the best beans I`ve ever had (Enlist) so far God willing. 

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