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Off Topic-----Off Topic-----Off Topic

Absolutely nothing to do with marketing or agriculture but had a quick story to share with all my good friends on  My 12 year old son is spending a few days with his grandparents, and they had a whole slate of activities planned that a grandpa waits his entire life to spend doing with a grandson. One of those activities was attending a couple AA division minor league baseball games in their home town. Little did either of them know that my son was selected among the entire crowd to throw out the first pitch to start the game.  What young lad wouldn't be all over that opportunity.  I think it was a race to see who could grab their phones first to call my wife and I to tell us the lucky news.

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That is one of those moments in life where the family has to take time and smell the roses! These moments are too few and far between enjoy them as they come along its what makes life great!
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I agree completely SIF.  My only complaint is that my wife and I weren't there to share in his special momment.  He wasn't upset but we were disappointed.  If we would have only known we'd have made different arrangements so we could've been there.  I guess that is why we always say live each day like it will be your last.


Easy words to say but much harder to live by.