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Off topic did you know?

That during WW II that the allies laid a couple of pipe lines across the english channel that would pump 1 million gallon of fuel for the military each day. Think about the massive logistics of that.


The germans were short of petroleum. They were substituting artificial fuel made of coal dust etc. That is the reason that they drove into the soviet union to secure oils supplies from the caucuses and the middle east. Of course that turned into a fiasco.

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Re: Off topic did you know?

Germany only produced 1% of the World's oil during the 1930's. When France fell in 1940, Romania lost it's ally in France, Germany gained access to the Romania's Ploesti Oil Fields without firing a shot. The Allies had to have many bombing raids on the Ploesti oil fields. Germany started making synthetic oil and in desperation tried to break through the Allied line in the Battle of the Bulge to gain the gas and oil reserves the Allies had in Antwert.  They truely ran out of gas.

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Re: Off topic did you know?

In 1894, a priest saved a drowning boy.  Who was that boy?

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Re: Off topic did you know?

A priest saved Adolph Hitler from drowning in 1894....

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