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Off topic reminder

I know a lot of you guys come here to catch the latest market news but never post. Just wanted to remind you of the dangers of going into grain bins. We lost a neighbor yesterday who went into a bean bin because of frozen beans. I don't know if they were crusted over or if frozen chunks got in the well. He went in with a probe. Either the crust gave away or he unplugged the well and got caught in the flow. He wasn't alone either. They knew as soon as it happened but it still took two hours to get him out. Then they were still looking for part of his leg. If you go in a rope is a must. A harness would be better. No bin is worth the suffering our neighbor and his family went through. These new 10" unloads aren't like the old 6" verticals. The grain moves too fast. You can always cut a couple of holes in the side of the bin and then put in some new sheets. Think safety.

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Re: Off topic reminder

Two of the smarter guys I've known died in grain bins.


The bin and the grain don't care.

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Re: Off topic reminder

Lost a 39 year old the week before Christmas 15 miles from me. Also in a large bean bin. 


They cut a bunch of holes in that bin to get the beans down to a level to get the body out.

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