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Re: Oh Phooey, how`d that happen?

Many years ago, I filled a rented bin on neighbor's farm with beans that tested dry, but had quite a few green pods.  Ran fan while filling bin, but only ran it a couple times after that to lower the temperature.  Not sure how much later it was, but checked the bin and there was a blackish seepage, like chewing tobacco juice, on outside of bin along a couple of the upper ring sections.  The green pods had mostly slid to the outside of the bin while filling, and were the source.  Took a couple loads out of the bin, then crawled in with a pitchfork to spread out as much of the green (now black) pods away from the sides.  Left fan on for several days to dry things out and cool back down.  Took out a couple more loads and repeated the process.  In the end, I didn't lose anything, and don't remember having any problems unloading the bin, was lucky I checked bin when I did.

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Re: Oh Phooey, how`d that happen?

the green pods or just hulls that are damp can be a mess in real dry conditions   our biggest issue was not checking our temp cables but they can be a mess and those hulls gather at the steel all the way through the bin

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