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Ohio crop tour results

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Re: Ohio crop tour results

Location:  S.W Ontario, great lakes basin, Canada, about 70 miles east of Detroit MIch or a bit south of port Huron Michigan

Our problem: this was a yr. with no summer for our part of the world

If you took the time to look at the link, and saw the corn that was considered to be still pollinating and in the white blister stage

Well that is what most of our corn looks like in our area - maybe 70% with some areas east of us even further behind

Doesn't really matter if you looked or not, this is our problem

Our late April- may 1st planted corn has just started to show yellow on the cob-that is later than normal

The 70% later planted corn [had to wait on a wet spell before planting again] needs heat, and so far we aren't getting enough heat

If we don't make black layer before a frost then we got a lot of problems

If we get the heat units, to finish this crop, then we should have a fairly good to excellent corn crop

Are we the only part of the country that is just now about done pollinating a good chunk of our crop 

Or: is there some corn in the northern tier that also has heat and maturity issues

I am not talking an early frost, I mean normal frost date

Maybe that corn  is safe with a normal frost date. I don't know??

Does anybody know if the northern corn has maturity issue or is it just our part of the world

I am thinking we will have a lot of light test wt corn in this area, with a normal frost date,

even though our total Ontario corn crop don't amount to much in the big picture

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Re: Ohio crop tour results

Wg, we could have a warm September: it's happened before
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Re: Ohio crop tour results

The International Plowing Match was in Bruce County for the first time in September 1976. Corn silage harvest was in full swing for the pit silos the week prior but was halted the week of the show to do volunteer work or just to attend the event; the week was hot and dry; by the next week the corn was brown and dry and you could not get it packed properly. A seasoned farmer told me Friday that if I my crops are behind because of me, watch out; if everyone's crops are behind because of the weather Mother Nature will usually pull through. I'm still betting that the teachers and the students will be complaining about to much heat and humidity in the class rooms in September

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