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Ohio getting hammered again

Ohio continues to get hammered across the state with heavy rainfall.  A couple of days and several inches ago, a Toledo TV station's weatherman had a chart that showed rainfall totals from the first of the year.  It showed Toledo has received 21" of rain, while Seattle, Washington has received 14".   Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Headlines from an email that I got from Allendale this morning read, "Debate continues over planting prospects".

Let me clear this up for least in Ohio.   There is absolutely no debate here.  Planting prospects are over.  We are in full disaster territory.  It is a train wreck, in slow motion, right before our very eyes.  

The corn that did get planted ranges from about 5" tall to just spiking through the ground.  Beans that got planted are just poking through.  Folks, it's June 20th.  Tomorrow is the first day of summer and then the days start getting shorter.

Ohio will be a corn and soybean deficit state.  It's a good thing that we have all USDA's  corn & soybeans left over from last year.  However,  current and future basis levels would disagree with USDA's lofty numbers.  The local ethanol plant has raised their corn basis to + $.50 while I heard a feed company has raised theirs to +$.70 .      

This thing is going to leave quite a mark.    

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Re: Yep!

I was feeling pretty good about the corn I got planted then we got 1.5 in. of rain two days ago, 1.5 in this morning early and another 1.5 just now.  Some roads are closed and flooded out here.

  It's not just the corn that didn't get planted we need to worry about.  Corn doesn't grow nor yield well when the soil is constantly saturated.  No matter what they say, sometimes, "rain doesn't make grain".

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Re: Yep!

It’s laughable at this point I’ve had 6.4 inches since Saturday night now...twenty miles south of me had 5.5 in two hours last night thank god we missed that or I would’ve been pumping water outta my house... good thing I’ve got a day job.. it is absolutely terrible the one field that I have that looks halfway decent is on high ground and the washouts are so bad between hills that I’ll pry need a bridge to get the combine to the other side this fall if there is anything left... heard of places around me with upwards of 9 inches since Saturday night too so at this point all I would like to do is dry out so I can fix fields and tile for next year.  🤯🤬

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Re: Yep!


We are in the beginning years of a known cycle termed by real scientists (who do NOT subscribe to the "man-made global warming" hoax brought by the elites in order to tax the world) as a "Grand Solar Minimum," having already been designated as the "Eddy Minimum."  The scientists believe that the situation is only going to get worse. 

NASA finally came out and admitted that the Sun has gone quiet, and that this event causes dramatic cooling in the upper atmosphere. 

This is a map of global cooling during the Maunder Grand Solar Minimum 350 years ago...with its excessive rains and excessive coolness that resulted in famines all over the world.  Do the dark blue areas look familiar to anyone? 

[Credit:  Christian - Ice Age Farmer Wiki]

For reasons I will not elaborate on here due to space constraints, a Grand Solar Minimum results in the altering of the path of the polar vortex, among other extreme events, causing extremely chaotic weather.  For example:  Rivers of rain in Ohio, but the warming of Alaska (see map).

Again, this is NOT man-made.  [Termites produce 7x the CO2 that humans do.] 

There are many, many links to scientific papers available to research and confirm the above.

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Re: Yep!

I`m not ready to write anything off, 10,000 yrs ago from where i`m typing this there would be a 1 mile sheet of ice.  The ice melted, mankind wasn`t involved and it was good.   So, mother nature could reclaim the planet at any time, perhaps the last several thousand years of good weather were a fluke ?  


There`ve been books written on "the coming ice age" ...I don`t know, maybe maybe not.  I used to subscribe to the late Larry Acker`s newsletter and he was a long term weather guru.  He would talk about a ice age coming in the early 2020`s and famines and such  


We`re in interesting times.

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