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Honored Advisor

You wanta watch something?

How about what the swamp creaturess in DC are doing to us?

Supposed to be a stimulus aid package for the needy and hurting here.

1.3 billion to Egypt
1.4 billion to Asia reassurance Initiative ACt
$700 million to Sudan
$135 million to Burma
$85.5 million to Cambodia
$130 million to Napel
$193 million for Federal HIV/ Aids workers to buy cars and car insurance overseas and a feminist museum
$10 million for gender programs in Pakistan

I hope Trump vetoes it.

This is pure liberal crap.

Honored Advisor

Re: It's all just a .....

The Covid vaccine is most likely safe and effective, however each person should have the freedom to assess their personal risks that they want to take. If you aren`t high risk, then perhaps the possible shot reactions will be worse than the actual disease and that CHOICE should be left to the individual, liberals are all about CHOICE aren`t they?

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