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Re: One local

Booked- just because they get subsidy money from the government doesn't mean the company hasn't succeeded.  We bailed out the car industry back in 09 (specifically ford,gm), does that mean those companies haven't succeed?  Good for Elon Musk keep playing the system if it allows.


SW - i never said there wasn't an increase in large farms of the last decade.  I'm just saying that there is still lots of opportunity for the small guy. Also SW "There are areas in the US that still support some small farms.... but most are not surviving without outside subsidization such as off farm employment (being one of many possibilities.)"

Why is a farm considered failing if a member of the farm has to get "outside subsidization such as an off farm job"?  That is the most ridiculous statement i've ever heard.


JimMeade- Don't worry i'm not going anywhere, i enjoy reading these posts for the amusement out of some of these people,  Makes me realize how good i've got it.

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Re: One local

I for one am glad to see some new blood in this forum.  Welcome to you Iowastudent!  

It can be depressing to keep reading some of the same old jibberjabber by the old farts on this site.       And yes, I will include myself in that statement.  Smiley Wink

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Re: One local

DE stock isn't going up because of the ag market, it is going up because of the potential for large corporate tax cuts, as well as large amounts of infrastructure spending as Trump has mentioned multiple times.  DE also happens to be one of the largest equipment manufacturers of construction equipment.  And construction equipment builds roads, bridges, airports, the writer of that article really needs to do his research.

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Re: One local

Iowa student,
You're young, full of energy , a little cocky, as were most of us at that age. If you stay in farming long enough, you will learn a lot of things that Iowa State never taught you. You'll get slapped around by a multple of
Events by the time you reach 50, which I bet most of us here are over. Nonetheless welcome aboard and always be vigilant of black swans. They come in a multitude of colors.
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Re: One local

Well Jim,  there may be some truth to what you say........... we sure can be a little "confrontational"   Like asking a member of the press to "have a source" ........ 


What draws reaction is those things that just seem "made up"...  and you can find those things even at USSDA.  --- Particular to this thread.... A few years ago when I was serving on the local oversight board for FSA, fsa personel were hard into redefining of terms.  The number of farms by definition was dropping, so in a job preservation move usda employees  were noting that one of the usda measuring sticks for funding was the number of farms being "served".  After a quick redefinition series of workshops, we got what we have now.  "Student" with his principle income being off farm income ( analizing, investing in livestock facilities, and Manure handling would not have been considered farm income before unless it were his hogs) and farming (on a usda scale) small acreages part time, would not have been considered a farm........ after those redefinitions, he became a family farmer. -- in this statement I am assuming the three outside incomes are more than the farm acres generate.  That is what i call "made up"  USDA "made up" new statistics.  And "Student" quoted those statistics and definitions,  I should add here that USDA also changed the definition of "Family Farm" ... so the numbers would not show the steep decline in that political hotbed term.  Currently, if a dad and a son, along with 30 full time employees operate a full county of land they are still a family farm.  And of course every home with a garden in the back yard is also counted (and should check in to see if they have been disadvantaged in some way.)........  All in the name of "keeping usda alive in the budgeting process."  


So Now here we are,,, (this is where the boat starts to meet waves)  Trying to discuss issues without a common language. 

(that is where the political causes take us) 


Please consider........


Iowastudent has done and is doing what we have advised a few times before.  He is adapting to the new environment and finding ways to be involved in agriculture, which he has a heart for.  And at the same time providing his farming some security.

In a backhanded way has made the point that Farming is vulnerable at every size. (even if he may be blinded to the demise of small independent family farms as defined pre clinton.


"Student" I am impressed with your work ethic, and accomplishments.  Unfortunately not everyone in agriculture lives in a location that enables that description of multitasking.  Adapting to the ever changing agriculture landscape is the one characteristic we must hold on to.   It is good to live in a location that allows those choices..


I am still struggling with the picture of someone with a good job and two degrees, hopping in the manure truck after work, but I appreciate your sharing that information........ the tag.... did mislead me somewhat.


Student consider yourself fully initiated .......... we are on common ground with common desires but we all have tremendously varied opportunities and routes to survival in this industry.  Here in marketing we are really struggling with the new global perspective and how to use the tools we thought were dependable.  


In a world where markets are not allowed to reflect commerce as we see in the financials, other markets get distorted.  

For some of us older plow jockeys the distortion of markets by government intervention looks temporary and destructive.

GM ad Tesla would neither be competing in the marketplace if not for that intervention.... I find it hard to call that success until the debt is paid.  The public debt of political intervention across the board.


But any how ...... welcome aboard...









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Re: One local

Just because i have a good job, doesn't mean i don't enjoy doing the little things, getting dirty, sweeping the floors, cleaning the shop. I'm sure you've heard this before, but i'd caution you to judge a man or women by their looks. (Or web name) 


I once met the owner of one Americas largest meat processing and chemical distribution companies, he was just and old man (mid 60s ish) who was sweeping the floors of the warehouse while i was waiting for the forklift to load the truck. It was a good chat with the guy.  It wasn't until later i found out that the he was the owner, and one of the people in charge of making it a billion dollar company, and recognized by forbes as one of Americas wealthiest families.


Besides why wouldn't i want to being around a manure rig?  It's the smell of money!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: One local

Well Jim,, 


I'm gonna step back for a while.


This site does need some fresh air.


This dude with all of his degrees must have passed with the bare minimum grade allowed.


Lots of half truths in almost every one of his posts.


Example is his post of the auto bailouts.


He named Ford and GM, sorry Jim that is a failing grade. It was Chrysler & GM. I'm not into rewriting history.


It appears the dumbing down factor is alive and thriving.


See ya down the road sometime...


Btw, the warm weather is gonna hang around for longer than first forecast , better run the fans in this low humidity warm/hot weather. 


Good luck all

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Re: One local

One more thing Iowa. I wouldn't hang my hat on Tesla or any other pet project the govt has their fingers in. Eventually you will be disapointed.
Just curious what business model is Iowa State promoting these days for production ag.
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Re: One local

That's a good question. I wouldn't know, i did not attend Iowa State. 

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Re: One local

Don't feel bad Iowa. One of our local md's, works
With sick people durning the day, and on call
At night. He has a nice cattle herd, that he
Does most of the work, put up hay....etc
Oh yes, not new equipment. He also has
An old bulldozer that has a pony motor to
Start it....kind of odd to have to call
The clinic to say the cattle are out.
Also nearby we have a place where a few drs
Bought, they go out cut wood, tinker around.
I know all of them. When I ask the obvious
Question....the answer is, it's their theropy.

Welcome aboard....but I hope you left your next
Of kin contact with Ishmael. 😉
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