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Opening Comments OptionEye Dec 15

Good morning....


A slowly bubbling economy had the fixed income world on its heels yesterday. I think that translates for more nerves today and the overnight session is also telling me that as well.


Corn will be 1 to 2 better

Beans are 3 to 5 better

Wheat is 2 to 4 better

Crude is a little easier

Stocks are slightly lower

The dollar is a little stronger


Interesting to note that Goldman was called out yesterday on their copper call for 2011. Currently copper is 415....they are calling for it to hit 1100. Old traders will tell you 'wherever copper goes, so goes the economy'.

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Re: Opening Comments OptionEye Dec 15

Whew HOOW I amgoing to start melting pennies if copper gets to 1000! Goldman wouldn't be trying to encourage someone to getin opposite of them.  Would they?  Naw tha would never happin with that bunch of choir boys! (tongue firmly planted in my cheek)


If I was in the room with those guys I would have my fundamint covered with both hands! JR 

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