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Oppertunity (Off topic saturday)

 I am looking for a partner in a "can't lose deal". all i need is somebody to put up the money and supply the beer and we can have one whale of a superbowl party. i figure we can charge 10 bucks to get in and we'll make a killing. by the way does anybody know what 10 million lbs. of chicken wings are REALLY worth?

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Re: Oppertunity (Off topic saturday)

those wings.....they ain't worth much


I tried them one time...never again


and $3 for three pieces......what a ripoff


I can see why they are struggling to grow sales...

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Re: Oppertunity (Off topic saturday)

Fast food isn't about food quality, it's about market delivery. Why do you think they rely on kids meals for their bread and butter products? It's simple, market to the kids and let the parents be the bad guys for saying no.
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