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OptionEye....April 11th

Good morning.


Words cannot describe the world markets as of late.


Corn spreads still crazy. Front month up 5.5 as we speak. Dec down .5. Soybeans down 5 and wheat up 2 to 3.


What can you say about equities? They have lost their collective minds but you can't fight the tape. Everyone calling for a pullback that has not materialized.


Small scandal yesterday as the FOMC minutes were released early Wednesday afternoon rather than Thursday morning. I think that the release was human error but the scandal should be why they were released to the people they were released to in the first place. Lobbyists?


If this was a movie you wouldn't believe it.




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Re: OptionEye....April 11th

The market moves in one direction and some people want it to go in another direction.  


Lets see how quickly those margin accounts go to zero.   

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