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OptionEye.....April 16th

Good morning.


What kind of a world do we live in? Yesterday's news and trade brought back those feelings of 9/11 no matter how much smaller a scale the Boston Bombings were than the World Trade Center.


Just goes to show you that we can never be too complacent.


Gold was the leader on fears of central bank selling out of Europe. That cascaded with the negative news on China's growth no matter that it was still 7.7%. As the selling continued we saw selling in equities to cover some of the gold margins and then we rolled into the massacre at the marathon. An all around bad day.


Today looks to be a bit brighter as the US is still the best bet and place to be in the world. Gold up about $40. Oil slightly easier down about .13 cents and equities up about 11.80 in the S&P index after having been off 40 points yesterday.


Corn is mixed, soybeans are up 5 to 10 and wheat is off 1.


Let's see what kind of footing we can get a hold of today. Good luck and God bless.



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Re: OptionEye.....April 16th

Well said Scott.  Very creepy yesterday with the rain in Chicago and the news coverage.  Very sad.

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Re: OptionEye.....April 16th

When I was a kid a hundred years ago - i don't remember there being as many kook's as there are today , Guess we need more Capital Punishment to weed out some of the bad gene pools going on today !


BTW Side Note : i got my wife's jewelry  brought back yesterday and they even said they would hold my check till Friday !


Double BTW -- Boy she was happy , now if I could only get my Evinrude back !

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Re: OptionEye.....April 16th

If things go really well you might be able to get the boat back that the Evinrude goes on!   Smiley Wink

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Re: OptionEye.....April 16th

China's coming back in for beans - I can feel it in my bones.

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Re: OptionEye.....April 16th

I don't understand the markets anymore.

How is one to formulate a marketing
Plan if there is no fundemental logic
Underpinning the markets.
We are just ripsawing one way or another. is one supposed to market
24 hrs a day.....something happens at 3 am
Overseas you have no chance.....what
Do you expect us to do, buy a put every
Day? How much is that going to cost.
Its no longer a market its a game.
I don't see why they will not be honest
About it and move the acme where it
belongs....Las Vargas

I just wonder how much longer it will
Remain in Chicago, it will most Likely
Be consolidatede with nyse

Interesting.....things never got this goofy
Before cme ownership changed.
Just think about that.

I am curious.....can a new market start?
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