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OptionEye.....April 22nd

Good morning.


Welcome to "Sprinter". No relief here as things continue to be cold and wet. A brief respite today before it starts again tomorrow.


Everything being sold off this morning. Wheat down 6 to 7, Corn down 5 to 8 and Soybeans are down 4 to 8. Guess that implies that we are all worried about nothing. The numbers are getting so big I would say that we still have some things that will be a concern.


We always get it in but we can affect the yield.


Gold up $35, oil up .50 cents and the 10 year telling us 'everything is alright" at 1.72%.


Earnings are in full season, most folks watching Apple tomorrow to see how they turn out. We have lowered the bar so low on these revenue numbers for all reporting companies that if you do happen to miss, it's a pretty bad sign. Traders are worried about another 'Spring Swoon".


Caterpillar misses on earnings. 1.31 vs. 1.382 but the stock is rallying. Go figure. It's getting harder and harder to make sense out of this stuff.





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Re: OptionEye.....April 22nd

This weekend Bob Brinker was going through a list of bond rates of countries around the world for 10yr and 30yr France at about 1.5%, Mexico at about 2.5% ect ect.  Money is about free here and we`re gettin` away with it too, because "mommy the rest of the kids are doing it too!" Smiley Happy