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OptionEye.....April 25th

Good morning.


I guess you can say the weather looks better. It's all OK now. Everything is good. Crop will be big and mother nature will comply. Or, at least that is what the options market is telling you. Still big put plays and put buyers out there telling us the crop is in the bin. Hhhmm I have seen this before.


Corn and wheat up 4 cents, soybeans up close to 11 cents. What does it all mean? Well, this is the time of year that I like to call 'noise season' because a lot of what we read and hear is just that, white noise. We have a lot of the users of the market getting in their cabs and putting the crop in the ground while we all sit around and speculate on weather. It won't be for a while before we really start to get a feel for this crop. Up until then is all conjecture.


Gold is making a slight comeback, up again today around $13.00 at $1445. Oil is off 11 cents after yesterday's rally at 91.32 and the 10 year is still at 1.70% as we await more earnings.


Speaking of earnings, about 70% of companies are beating estimates but what is more concerning is 60% of companies are missing on revenues and the guidance going forward is getting more negative. Will we see another spring swoon? I for one think that we are in trouble and with the FED printing and the economy sluggish we could be heading in a bad direction. We need growth. Plain and simple. We don't have it and until we do we will be in this spiral. Is it Nat Gas? Is it technology? Doesn't matter. We just need something to help jumpstart this economy.


And, having said that stocks are higher again this morning. Go figure.

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Re: OptionEye.....April 25th

Stock will do the same as the corn market--get them in then short that baby!
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Re: OptionEye.....April 25th

Housing and commercial real estate  is starting to pick up.  I have a commercial real estate company and for the two previous years I only had two transactions.   That is it two deals in the last two years!!  This year I have two commercial deals already done, so I see some life.  

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Re: OptionEye.....April 25th

AND, what IS the formula for growth? It does become a chicken and egg thing.