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OptionEye...April 3rd

April 3rd rhymes with .....


What can you say that already hasn't been said. I haven't seen a market get caught as wrong footed as corn in a while.


Overall market continues to live a double like. All time highs everyday in the stock market with all time highs everyday in food stamp recipients. How did we get here?


The worst thing you can have in this market is experience and a memory. Good combination to get you broke in a hurry. If it sounds like I am frustrated I am. The government has never been more involved with our markets and I can't blame them, the alternative is too painful. The printing press has to keep printing. Those that think we have a choice are deluding themselves but it doesn't mean we have to like it.


When does this end? How does this end?


Wheat and corn are green on my screen this morning. Beans taking some heat down 7. Stocks slightly better. Gold off $2.00 and oil off .50 cents. The 10 year benchmark is still at that 1.85% level and stuck.


This story has been getting a lot of talk here in Chicago. Pretty scary stuff from a well known individual.

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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd



Tell us why you are really frustrated?? Did you get stuck in a bad position or what?  

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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd

Very good article, a good opinion from someone in the know. Thanks Scott

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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd

Printing money is like putting a bandage on a cut that needs   stitches sooner or latter you are going to bleed to death.

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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd

Just remember, good news doesn't sell.

While some valid points, also consider
The writer had his finger in the pot and
Also making money with a book.

Also, agriculture is an "old" industry....
according to him, we don't eat anymore?

I think the take home message is, if read
In the windy city....make as much money
as fast as you can...well seeing what one
Of the biggest money maker is (commody
Markets) explains itself...
When the fundamentals are not driving
The market but rather "schemes"
Trading.....where we have computers
Watching other computers trying to figure
Out a pattern they are using.

The answer......
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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd

Crap,  now I am frustrated with soybean position. 

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Re: OptionEye...April 3rd

When things are sold to us as "replacing corruption" or "less corrupt" ------------- look out,  there is nothing good about the new idea if its best selling point is how bad the old idea is.


Corruption is not part of an economic activity-------------------- Corruption is an ever present part of the humans involved.  


The cry against one economic formula and for another usually comes from a human or human group who seeks greater economic advantage.  

Corruption will be a constant among human activity----------------- Some economic formulas just make it easier to mask and harder to punish.


Whe governmental corruption becomes too acceptable------------ we will all want a government job or contract.------ correction-----Need a government job or contract.



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