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OptionEye...Aug 3rd

Good morning.


Forgive my moments of silence yesterday as things were a little unhinged down on the floor during that 'rocket shot' to the moon. As my father would say 'the market went higher faster than a homesick angel'. Overnight we digested the FC Stone numbers as well as others that continue to take the bushel guesstimates lower. Yesterday's macro meltdown will also feature heavily today as we debate our ever slowing growth, but you still have to eat.


As of 7:30


Corn called steady easier

Beans called 3 to 5 lower

Wheat called 5 to 10 lower


Equities are trying to recover ever so slightly

Oil is off about .75 cents


The dollar is weaker which could help substantiate some of yesterday's frothiness.


Let's see what these job numbers do to us....



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Re: OptionEye...Aug 2nd

If you change your heading to Aug 3 you will get more hits.


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