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OptionEye...Aug 5th

Well well well.


Another plate of cold oatmeal.


Jobs report was not good enough to really help. As I write stock futures fly to the upside.


As far as grains go we will start off on the red side of the card....


Corn 7 to 10 lower

Beans 7 to 10 lower

Wheat  7 to 10 lower as well.


Stocks ripping higher on the 117k jobs number

Dollar is slightly weaker

Crude is off again, around $1.00


Decent position squaring in grains going into next week's USDA..Watch these stocks give up their gains on a better than expected jobs number...


Happy Friday and good hunting




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Re: OptionEye...Aug 5th

Scott..... It feels like you are still hung over from yesterdays fun in the markets........Smiley Tongue

I see a lot of opportunity to buy stocks here soon as there has been a big sell off......I was not as inclined when the market was higher......FWIW.... Bring on QE3........p-oed

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Fox Business News

Scott: A friend of mine heard you on Fox Business News yesterday. Said you did a great job, but I'm wondering what you said that tanked the global markets?


Hey, and thanks for a great week hosting for Marketeye. Much appreciated....



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Re: OptionEye...Aug 5th

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Under the market conditions, Corn and Beans have made quite a rally today.  HOUSTON I think we have a problem!

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Re: OptionEye...Aug 5th

that was a great close in the corn for a friday. was hoping for a bit more on the beans, yep still got some. turn monday or tuesday?