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OptionEye...Dec 3rd

Good morning and happy December.


Still trying to " Rise Above".


New month but same old rhetoric.


(BN) Credit Suisse Group AG, Switzerland's second-biggest bank, informed financial institutional clients that it will start imposing negative interest rates on cash balances held in Swiss francs.


Does anyone actually believe the politicians will let us go over this so called 'cliff" and commit political suicide?


Grains up big this morning...corn +10, beans +20 and wheat +12. Stocks a little better as well as oil and gold.

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Re: OptionEye...Dec 3rd


  Explain what "imposing negative interest rates on cash balances" means?  Charging clients insterest for "dead" money setting in a bank?  Wow!  if that is your answer.

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It only sounds like political suicide

to those wanting the usual Obama capitulation. 

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Re: It only sounds like political suicide

Cut spending, they will spend the revenue they get from higher taxes.


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Re: OptionEye...Dec 3rd

The mutual fund industry in this country has been imposing negative yields on their customers. I closed a mutual fund account several years ago because it was yielding about .08%/yr but their exspense ratio was .37%/yr.
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