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OptionEye Feb 22nd

Good morning.


Very odd day yesterday. A lot of other commodities were higher yesterday as the dollar was pretty weak. However, corn and wheat took it on the chin suggesting to me that something is up and I am not quite sure what it is.


The good news is that as of today the US debt/GDP ratio went to 101% and the farce that is Greece continues to unravel. It is simply unsustainable and for some reason we keep drinking the cool aid like we have all been brainwashed into thinking everything is OK.


I am also starting to see a good war between stock bulls and bond bulls. PIMCO and Bill Gross are firmly in the camp of lower rates and are buying bonds. A whole lot of others are of the mind set that stocks are cheap and have voted with both feat getting long equities. I think this will be an interesting fight for the year. Keep an eye on it.



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ne 50
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Re: OptionEye Feb 22nd

pass the Kool-AID


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