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OptionEye....Feb 25th

Good morning.


Beans bouncing back just a little with wheat and corn lower. Friday was a tough one in bean options as that market melted and on an expiration day that can get a little hairy.


Italian government elections out in about an hour. China economic manufacturing figures this morning suggest a slowing in their economy....and WHOAAA..looks like we have found horse meat in IKEA meatballs.


What is the world coming to? We will have to endure this garbage in Washington about the sequestration all week in the media. And, if they have their way they will make it out to be a 'secastration'.


Gold is bouncing back towards $1600 trading at $1592 and oil is up about $1.


This week should be fun.

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Re: OptionEye....Feb 25th

I never knew IKEA had a grocery section, I thought it was mostly a store the catered to gay men for their decorating needs.  But this horse meat deal really has me freaked out, at Olive Garden the other day I just ordered Minestrone soup and bread sticks.  Europe and all these haute-toddy countries that won`t buy our corn because of "gmo`s" and our pork and beef because of "antibiotics and Ralgro implants and Paylean" well Christ Almighty, we never had "mad cow" or freaking horse meat in our beef supply! 


It shows right there these countries have all these red-herrings to get around the free trade policies that they hold us to.  It sounds like politicians have cried 'wolf!" too many times on this fiscal cliff stuff.  Everyone else has to live within their family budget, move funds around when there`s a short fall.  If USDA meat inspectors are layed-off, I`m putting the blame right on the shoulders of Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, there is no reason these agencies can`t seperate the essentials from the non-essentials.  To do otherwise is just playing politics for the party in power to get their way.

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Re: OptionEye....Feb 25th

Why would horse meat in an european chain be a story.  Isn't that common.  It is just us that fell for the hollywood "horse love" craze.


Save a stallion.  It's whats for dinner.


We are so irrational.