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OptionEye....Feb 27th

Good morning and happy snowstorm.


Wasn't too bad here in the city of Chicago. Commute was seamless. Seems like we have gotten a little soft over the years. Schools opening late or closing early or not even opening at all. I carried newspapers for the Chicago Tribune through some of the worst snowstorms in the 1970's. Today my parents would get a visit from the authorities for child abuse. I loved every minute of it.


As my father used to say.."we have a word to describe the weather as of's called WINTER".


Anyway, grains all up at the time of writing. Beans about 7, wheat around 6 and corn up 1. Stories around about a pickup in wheat demand and tight front month supplies of corn causing spreads to surge.


Italy seems to be settling down but I guarantee you it will not go away. Equities get back half of the blood shed on Monday and Gold holding in around $1600.


Bernanke on the Hill trying to justify his existence. We are living in unprecedented times. Assets being artificially inflated in the hopes of some real growth down the line. Is that a train or a light at the end of the tunnel? 



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