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Senior Contributor

OptionEye Global Macro Outlook May 18th

Good morning.


At the time of writing we see corn down 2, beans taking some heat down 13 and wheat down 4. 


Stocks look to extend their losses as well as S&P futures are over 2 points lower and the Dow future down 25 points. 


Infation data ran a little higher last month but the 10 year yield isn't really reacting . This morning we see the yield at 1.77% and holding steady. 


Oil is slightly higher to $48.41 up .10 cents and gold is off small as well to $1273.42 down $5.53.


The dollar is a little stronger to 94.79 up 2.47.


Today we will be focussing on the Fed minutes to see what the state of their minds were at the last meeting. 


Have a good day. 

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