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OptionEye Jan 27th - opening calls

Good morning.


Corn up 5, beans and wheat down about 2.


Oil is up about .50 cents, Gold is up about $3 and the dollar is weaker.


Stocks are slightly better this morning.


We are still trying to digest the weather damage in South America. New money continues to flow our way as managers still search for returns. I think that corn has another 25 cents to the upside before we exhaust this bull run for the time being.


GDP will be released this morning at 7:30 CST. We expect a number around 3% for the year.



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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: OptionEye Jan 27th - opening calls

25 Cents to the upside should put us right back to where we were before the Jan12th stocks report, and the limit move down on corn that day.


About what I thought would happen.

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