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OptionEye...Jan 31st

Good day all.


Last day of the month. Not sure that is a good thing of a bad thing but the older I get the faster they go.


Hard to watch these talking heads pray for new highs in the equity markets. Something just not quite right with that in my mind.


Grains easier with beans the leader off about 10 cents. Gold off about $5.00 with oil trending lower. The 10 year rate is still flirting with 2% and the Euro is strengthening against the dollar. I guess I am still searching for good news. Maybe just maybe it comes in the jobs number tomorrow. I will hold my breath.


GDP was worse than horrible. We need a real positive shock to the system.

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Re: OptionEye...Jan 31st

For what's it's worth, I still think we are in for a inflationary time period of 3 years with an inflation rate exceeding 10%. It may take 2-4 years for this to develop, but I believe it is going to happen if history repeats itself.