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Senior Contributor

OptionEye.....Jan 3rd

Good morning.


Good to be back in the saddle again. A lot on the docket this year and we are looking forward to getting the show on the road.


As has been widely advertised we are off and running this morning with sharply higher markets all the way around. Corn is 15 cents, Oil is up $3.25 and equities are higher as well.


More saber rattling in the middle east has oil up up and away. We have taken out some decent tech levels in the stocks too. I think that with the USDA on the 12th and unemployment on Friday, I am not getting sucked into the hysterics.


While I like the rally and some anecdotal evidence is suggesting a much smaller crop, you just can't trust the USDA. Europe is still a drag and if that happens and strengthens the dollar it will affect us no matter what.


Let's see how high we can drive this thing today, shall we? First day back and the fireworks are here.



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