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OptionEye...Jan 9th

Good morning all.


So here we are.


Earnings have been beaten down so low as to not disappoint. GDP expectations have been beaten down so low that 2% seems healthy. Higher taxes are now the expectation and not the exception. We will pay more for less and be happy.


We can't cut our way to prosperity. We can't tax our way back to prosperity. We have to GROW our way to prosperity. We are going to continue to watch our politicians try and get re-elected rather than legislate.


How does this sound?...Let's start a new political party not unlike the Tea Party that has only one mandate....As a member you are not allowed to vote for an incumbent.




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Re: OptionEye...Jan 9th

To grow in this part of the world means:


-trade imbargoes on cheap Chinese crap

-low taxes for local industry

-restrictions to collective bargaining

-end welfare and strict restrictions for u.i. benefits

-open the door to immigration

-invest heavily into the creation of new and ultra-efficient energy systems



In other words:


Quit exporting jobs to China to buy there $h17, provide an attractive place for industry to thrive through affordable taxes and a steady supply of affordable, reliable labor.  And since we aren't having baby's any longer, invite as many mexican, european, irish and baltic immigrants as possible to come to the safest place in the world and live your amorican dream.  Because we are the most efficient forward thinking technologically advanced society on the planet....



Or we can


-burn more coal,

-build bigger armys to fight over less oil

-tax more and create less


Growth will be painful but necessary.... No matter how you look at it... and thats not good politics.

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Then you need to blame the job creators

The ones that have been under taxed because they were special. "Job Creators."


People that want term limits do not beleive in people having their choice of representatives. They already have the option to vote out their own representative but not someone else. So now you want legislation that requires the dismissal of representarives from other districts.


So tell us have you been voting against your congressman and senators? Most people vote for the reelection of their reps and I guess that is the will of the people.



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Re: OptionEye...Jan 9th

What would growth look like today?  during Kennedy and Johnson we grew in that 5% area, however this country more resembled the...ahem "Mad Men" tv series..180 million population, everyone drove a American car and wore American jeans.  During Reagan and Clintonish you had 3.5%ish growth, US factories heading for the exit doors, 250 million population..Clinton was lucky to be prez during the "tech bubble".   But what would growth look like today?  We`ve got 320 million people, cars are either foreign made or running on foreign parts, you can`t buy an American made garment of clothing to save your life, the guy working at McDonalds buys stuff from the guy working at Walmart, we have $120 Trillion in unfunded obligations hanging around our necks, the last election wasn`t exactly sending a pro-growth message.  I don`t know, Ron Paul was the only one that really understood this, yrs ago Ross Perot was warning about this, but those type politicans don`t seem to get traction on the national stage.  This vid puts our mess in the simple terms of a family budget