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OptionEye...July 10th

Good morning.


With the USDA report tomorrow and some precip sneaking back into the picture the market will and is trading lower today. Corn is off 15 cents at 8:00 am with wheat and beans a few worse than that.


PFG Best giving the market a minor jolt this morning with reports of an attempted suicide by the CEO.


All in all I think any back up in price is going to be position squaring going into the report. I still think we have some room to go to the upside but we need some help now from the USDA.


Good luck and we have an early open tomorrow morning.

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Re: OptionEye...July 10th

Upside help from the USDA?    Now that's a good one!

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Re: OptionEye...July 10th

Soya could get interesting, likely bullish on stocks......and its effect is more direct towards china......

Corn......they will try to kill the two headed monster......likely kill some demand and cut crop a carryout is still 1.2 to 1.5......much more domestic impact.....bearish
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